Are You prepared?

Sei preparato Rischio Industriale

Knowing a phenomenon is the first step in learning to deal with it properly and to prevent possible danger. The Department is engaged in awareness campaigns to spread few simple rules on how to prevent or lessen the damage of a phenomenon. This section includes guidelines on proper behaviour to adopt in case of an industrial accident.

In case of industrial accident

  • If you live in an area with industrial plants:
  • Ask the Mayor of your municipality if the plants are listed as high-risk facilities for which there is an emergency plan in case of an accident.

In case of industrial accident:

  • Where the risk of contamination is high, the Authorities responsible for the emergency may order evacuation following the pre-established External Emergency Plan, which also provides indications on how to evacuate and where to gather.
  • Follow the indications in the information leaflets provided by the Mayor to inform the population about the safety measures to adopt and about the rules of conduct
  •  Take shelter in an indoor area to reduce exposure to toxic substances released by the plant
  • Close doors and windows protecting the openings with wet cloth, turn off air conditioners and ventilators avoiding the exchange of air with the outside.
  •  Pay attention to the information given by the authorities through megaphones, other means and possible signals: they can provide useful indications on the measures to adopt
  • Keep informed by radio and TV until the alarm has ceased, and follow the indications given by the authorities on the measures to adopt and the ongoing situation.
  • At the end of the alarm, air the rooms and check the local radios to follow the post emergency situation.