National Plan of Civil Protection Phlegraean Fields

The interactive map of the red and yellow zones for Phlegraean Fields volcano is online.

The red zone is the area for which preventive evacuation in case of "alarm" is the only protective measure for the population. In fact, the area is exposed to the risk of pyroclastic flooding, which, due to their high temperatures and speed, represent an extremely dangerous phenomenon for people. The red zone includes the municipalities of Pozzuoli, Bacoli, Monte di Procida and Quarto, also part of the municipalities of Giugliano in Campania, Marano di Napoli and some municipalities of Naples. Within the area there are approximately 500,000 residents.

The yellow zone is the area, outside the red zone, which in case of eruption is exposed to significant fallout of volcanic ash. This area may require temporary removals of the population living in vulnerable buildings or difficult to reach due to the accumulation of ash. The yellow area includes the municipalities of Villaricca, Calvizzano, Marano di Napoli, Mugnano di Napoli, Melito di Napoli and Casavatore and 24 districts of Naples. In the area there are over 800 thousand residents.

The removal of the population from the red zone starts with the declaration of the "alarm" phase. The map shows in blue the waiting areas provided for by the municipal civil protection plans, that is, the areas where the citizens choosing to leave with assisted transport, will leave. From the waiting areas, citizens will be transferred to the meeting areas provided for by the national civil protection plan, indicated in green on the map. From this point, they will reach by boat, train or bus, the twinned Regions or Autonomous Provinces.