Activities - Industrial risk of major accident

Attività Rischio Industriale

The effects of a major industrial accident can be reduced through the arrangement and implementation of emergency plans, both internal and external to the plant.  

The Internal Emergency Plan (IEP) is drafted by the operator of the industrial facility for immediate response to an accident with its teams and eventually in cooperation with the fire department.  

The External Emergency Plan (EEP) is drafted by the Prefect, the competent public authority, in conjunction with the mayor and the facility operator. It organizes the civil protection response to mitigate the effects of the event on public health and the environment. This Plan indicates the risk zones, warning methods, and rules of behaviour for the public. In case of an accident, it may require indoor sheltering or evacuation.  

Who does what in case of an accident

When an accident occurs at an industrial facility, the facility's operator immediately notifies the Prefect, the Municipality, and the Region of the nature of the event and its extent, including information on the substance released and the initial measures taken. 

Upon assessment of the situation, the Prefect orders the execution of the External Emergency Plan and the Mayor, in agreement with the Prefect, through the municipal structure, informs the population until the situation is resolved.