Are you prepared? - Industrial risk of major accident

Sei preparato Rischio Industriale

Knowing a phenomenon is the first step to learn how to deal with it in the most correct way and how to defend yourself from potential dangers.

In this section we provide guidance on the correct behaviors to take in case of an accident.

In the occurrence of a release of toxic substances from an industrial facility, emergency management parties may order indoor shelter or evacuation for citizens, providing, in this case, directions on how to leave and reach waiting and/or shelter areas.

The activation methods of warning systems are provided in the External Emergency Plan, in the different modes for indoor shelter or evacuation warning signals. 

  • Ask your Municipality if there are any industrial facilities in the area and if they are included in the list of hazardous facilities with an external emergency plan in case of an accident.  
  • Consult the Civil Protection Plan of your municipality and read what to do in case of an industrial accident. 
  • If you still need to do it, let your Municipality know if you or a family member might have special needs in case of an emergency for assistance and/or reception of the warning signal. 

In case of emergency with a signal to shelter indoors    


•  Do not return home. Get to the nearest indoor location to reduce exposure to toxic substances emitted by the facility.
•  If you are in a car, park so that you do not impede emergency vehicles and get to the nearest indoor location.  


• Turn off water, electricity, and gas systems
•  Turn off the water system after using it for the most urgent needs 
•  Close doors and windows by covering the openings with insulating tape or wet fabrics 
•  Turn off air ventilation and air conditioning systems
•  If you notice strong smells or a sense of irritation, protect your mouth, nose with a wet cloth, and wash your eyes 
•  Do not smoke or start any fire 
•  Keep yourself constantly informed about the evolution of the situation and the indications provided by the Authorities in charge of the emergency also through institutional website and social media
•  Limit, as much as possible, the use of cell phones 
•  Please wait for the end of the alert signal, and do not leave before it is issued 
•  Follow the instructions of the authorities on when to leave your location  

In case of emergency with an evacuation signal 

As the authority responsible for emergency coordination, the Prefect may order evacuation following the External Emergency Plan, which also provides indications on how to evacuate and where to gather.  

•  Follow the indications of the authorities and operators involved in emergency management 
•  Do not leave your home or location until you are told to do so 
•  Take only the strictly necessary items (documents, medicines, eyeglasses, etc.)