Census of historical centres exposed to seismic risk


Italy has an invaluable cultural heritage, made of our historic centers. Still today, it is not possible to quantify its consistency and quality.  This led the Civil Protection Department to create with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, a web application "Centri Storici e Rischio Sismico - Csrs" (Historical Centres and Seismic Risk - CSR) to share with all levels of government in the area.

Web application
The Csrs Historical Centers and Seismic Risk web page was created as a shared investigative tool to complete and update through a national network of information exchange between different levels of territorial government (Civil Protection Department, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Regions, Provinces, Local Authorities), the database "Atlas of historical centers exposed to seismic risk". The database is designed to support a model of analysis regarding the risk  of "cultural interest" loss for historical centers exposed to earthquakes.  Users, authorized upon specific request to be sent to ufficio.siv@protezionecivile.it, can access the software active at national level through the portal https://servizi.protezionecivile.it. The descriptive tutorial of the project, can be freely consulted at https://snipc.protezionecivile.it/CSRS_TUTORIAL/Home/home.php.

The census of historical centres exposed to risk makes use of the results of the collaboration activities provided for by the Interministerial Technical-Scientific Committee - CTS for the creation, management and development of databases of common interest, established by decree of the Head of the Civil Protection Department no. 4341 of September 11, 2007, and last amended by decree of the Head of the Civil Protection Department no. 3504 of May 13, 2010.